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Dolly's Tote

Dolly's Tote

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Welcome to the Jordan's Collection. I am profoundly grateful for your presence today. On March 14th, 2023, I last conversed with my beloved identical twin sister, a moment now etched in memory. The journey through grief is indescribably complex, each step a unique and deeply personal experience. Jordan was an extraordinary individual, brimming with vivacity, compassion, empathy, and blessed with a powerful voice. Her life was also marked by struggles with addiction and mental health issues, battles she faced with immense courage and determination.

Jordan's resilience led her to seek help and achieve sobriety, a testament to her strength and resolve. Post-recovery, her aspirations centered on aiding others grappling with similar challenges, and she was passionately committed to dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health and addiction. She believed firmly that these struggles do not define one's essence and ardently advocated for compassion and support, both for oneself and for others.

In honour of Jordan's legacy, it is our sacred duty to perpetuate her memory by embodying these values. Her rendition of "Rise Up" and her encouraging words, "you got this," will continue to inspire and uplift. This collection serves as a daily reminder of her spirit and to ensure we help others who can relate, the suffered, and the suffering.

Forever 29. Forever cherished in my heart.

Until we reunite,
Twin Baby Girl #2